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Currently concentrating on teaching risk management, negotiation of international deals, as well as oil and gas reserves and valuation. Also advising various groups on reviewing and analyzing their energy investments ("red flagging")..

A strong and diverse energy industry manager with proven leadership and analytical skills in a broad range of international positions from middle-management to Board level in technical, operational and commercial environments with NOCs, IOCs, and smaller companies in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, USA & Europe, in conventional, unconventional (both CBM & shale) as well as power sectors.

Has been a board director in many different cultures and environments (Australia, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Europe, China & USA), as well as one of the most experienced Country Managers in the world.

A renowned ‘nose for value’ in both power and oil and gas - a focus on managing subsurface and commercial risk, recognizing opportunities and exploiting options. Intuitively assess these elements to create value and shape deals. Played leading roles in dozens of farmin deals, sales and purchases worldwide. Recognized as being an expert in risk management (was a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers on Risk in 2004-5).

Many industry awards: Life Fellowship of Royal Geographical Society, Life Membership of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Life Membership of South East Asian Petroleum Exploration Society, Certified Petroleum Geologist (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), Visiting Research Fellow of Institute of South East Asian Studies, Who’s Who of Stanford Registry of Executives in 2011/2012, Chairman of Society of Petroleum Engineers in Indonesia, Pakistan and Singapore, Vice Chairman of Pakistan Petroleum Association (PPEPCA)