SPE Distinguished Lecture - Productivity Decline and Improved Production Forecasting

When:  Oct 20, 2021 from 06:20 PM to 08:00 PM (SGT)
Associated with  Singapore Section

PI (Productivity Index) degradation is a common issue in many oil fields. Faster
production declines than initially forecast were observed in numerous deep-water assets.
The work has identified seven relevant decline mechanisms of which the failure of the
rock and the execution of the completion are significant factors impacting PI Decline. To
obtain a reliable production forecast, it is critical to include rock, well and completion
attributes into the forecast. This requires the inclusion of a coupled reservoir and
geomechanics simulator as well as a detailed representation of the completion and its
associated flow patterns. A large degree of uncertainty exists around the associated
parameters for each of these components. This uncertainty lends itself well to a machine
learning approach given the large number of variables and the need to create multiple
realizations of the history match to create more reliable production forecasts. The
presentation will highlight the damage mechanisms associated with PI Decline. The
presentation will also provide a methodology for creating a coupled simulation that utilizes
machine learning to history match and produce reliable production forecasts.
Incorporating geomechanics, completion description and near wellbore flow patterns
enhances production forecasting by providing better estimates for initial and well life

Speaker Bio:
Karim is a prolific author with more than 30 publications and 4 patents pending in twenty
years of industry experience. He is an energetic public speaker who communicates
complicated technical problems in simple understandable terms. He holds a Master of
Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and currently is a
geomechanics Subject Matter Expert at Chevron. Karim is focused on the coupling of
geomechanics with flow to impact well performance in both producers and injectors. He
leads company efforts on well planning, completion selection and production forecasting
for sand control producers in deep-water assets.

Date & Time: 2021-10-20 at 18:30

Lecturer: Karim Zaki