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  • SPE Committee Nominations are now open!

    The committee is putting out a call for nominations for the 2021/22 SPE committee. As per our constitution, all positions are listed below, along with current nominations as of today.   


    Committee Officers 

    Nominations for 2021/22 


    Tran Ngo Nguyet 


    Stephanie Lim (current) 


    Wee Chin Wong 


    Rob Chambers 


    Kean Wee Cheah (current) 







    Past President 

    Dave Hayes, Mike Reeder, Peter Cockcroft 

    Young Professionals 


    General Committee Member 

    Daniel Pastor (current) 
    Manoj Prabhakar (current) 

    Paulina Svoboda (retiring pgm chair)

    Peter Mark Smith (retiring treasurer)


    We especially encourage any student members to join and take up the position of YP chair which also has the role of student liaison. 


    Qualifications for a committee member are that the nominee: 


    • 1. be a resident of Singapore  

    1. 2. be a fully paid up SPE Member  

    1. 3. be a previous SPE Committee Member for the Section Chairperson office 

    1. 4. have accepted the nomination 


    We encourage you to self-nominate to run (and on the night of the AGM you will need your nomination seconded by another member). Close of nominations will be the 31st of May. 


    Please send any nominations to Stephanie by email ( with the name of the person, office sought and seconders name.    The AGM is scheduled for the 23rd of Sept 2021 and will most likely be in hybrid form. 


    We thank all officers, esp those retiring from core positions, for their many years of service. 


    The Secretary - Stephanie Lim